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Kevin Scheeler

Kevin Scheeler

Trading Coordinator


My passion for finance was quite the interesting road to discovery as I thought I always wanted to be an engineer ever since I was young. I enrolled at The University of Arizona in 2012 with full-ride state and national Army ROTC academic scholarships and began my studies in engineering. It was around that same time that I had made my first investment into a mutual fund, and let’s just say that it didn’t quite go as I had hoped. I had quickly lost money, realized that my bank’s advisor had no interest in my financial situation, and had paid quite a bit in expenses and fees – I just knew there had to be a better way. It was the result of that experience that intrigued me to start learning all that I could about the finance industry whenever possible. Much of my Engineering Management studies along the way in mathematics and statistical analysis translated exceptionally well into the world of finance, and after working in industries ranging from electrical engineering to aerospace design, I made the leap to finance shortly after graduation in 2017 and haven’t looked back since!


I spend much of my time outside of the office studying finance and investment research related topics to advance my knowledge and propel myself forward in this industry that I am so passionate about. I’m also a First Lieutenant in the Arizona Army National Guard, currently serving as Commander of the 159th Financial Management Support Detachment out of Phoenix. The well-being of my soldiers and advancement of my unit keep me very busy when the business suit comes off and the combat uniform goes on. You can often find me exploring the great outdoors that we’re so lucky have in our own desert backyard, as well as getting out of the heat and traveling the world! When I’m not on the move, I love spending quality time and making memorable experiences with my friends, family, and colleagues each and every opportunity I can get!


I have had the privilege to travel to some rather unique destinations as a result of being in the Army - from Hawaii to Germany and many places in between. The most memorable was my time in The Republic of Georgia in 2013 where I participated in their country’s joint-military mountain warfare school. To date it is still one of the most challenging and rewarding personal endeavors in my military career, and during that time I had to very quickly get comfortable with being alone on the side of a cliff with nothing more than a rope and the tips of my fingers keeping me safe. We learned everything from rock climbing, rappelling, traversing rivers, and what seemed like 100 different kinds of knots, all while being deeply immersed in the unique Georgian culture! Truly an experience I will never forget and one leading to a foreign badge that only a few hundred soldiers in the entire U.S. military have earned!


Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics - The University of South Carolina, 2017
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management - The University of Arizona, 2016
Associate of Science - Pima Community College, 2016